What we are and do
The ingegni.org think tank is an autonomous and independent organization of analysis and engagement that generates research, analysis and solutions oriented to the realization of impact-related social actions that respond to the emerging challenges to come for the human population.

In a global marketplace of ideas, the think tank transparently develops national, regional and global partnerships, creates new and innovative platforms to deliver its products and services to an ever-expanding audience of citizens, policy makers and businesses worldwide .

Our think tank is made up of members, affiliated or independent institutions structured as permanent bodies, not ad hoc commissions.

Our think tank acts as a bridge between the academic and decision-making communities and between states and civil society, serving in the public interest as an independent voice translating basic and applied research into a language understandable, reliable and accessible to decision-makers politicians and the public.
INGEGNI.ORG undertakes to maintain its independence and intellectual integrity, guaranteeing the objectivity and impartiality of the research and results it presents.

The think tank is a polymorphic structure in continuous modification, and we are thinking, for example, about the best way to communicate on the following points, being transparent but also reactive, postponing focused on doing rather than saying. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you all the information !

The Think tank could undertake various projects based on its goals, available resources, and relevant social issues. Some examples include conducting research and analysis, formulating policy recommendations, evaluating existing policies, advocating for change, providing training and capacity-building, creating knowledge-sharing platforms, and monitoring policy impact. The specific projects undertaken by a social think tank will depend on its expertise, mission, and the social challenges it aims to address.
The performed activities are to promote public debates and awareness campaigns on social issues, collaborate with diverse organizations and stakeholders to address social challenges holistically, organize gatherings to discuss and share knowledge on social issues, provide skill development programs for professionals and key actors in the field of social policies, assess the impact of social policies and provide feedback for continuous improvement.
Ingegni.org is a volunteer-based association located in Genoa that raises funds to carry out development actions with the aim of helping people build a better future and life for themselves.
Ingegni.org follow the U-Lab course
Leading From the Emerging Future
An introduction to leading profound social, environmental and personal transformation.
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