The Think tank undertake various projects based on its goals, available resources, and relevant social issues. Some examples include conducting research and analysis, formulating policy recommendations, evaluating existing policies, advocating for change, providing training and capacity-building, creating knowledge-sharing platforms, and monitoring policy impact. The specific projects undertaken by a social think tank will depend on its expertise, mission, and the social challenges it aims to address

The actual projects the Thinktank initiate are:
  • Write an publish a Whitebook that present the next evolution of safety culture in companie and aim to describe the connection between the U-Theory and the Bradley Curve.
  • Define activities and experiential experience to sensibilize children about a more aware use of social media.

The performed activities are to promote public debates and awareness campaigns on social issues, collaborate with diverse organizations and stakeholders to address social challenges holistically, organize gatherings to discuss and share knowledge on social issues, provide skill development programs for professionals and key actors in the field of social policies, assess the impact of social policies and provide feedback for continuous improvement. is a volunteer-based association located in Genoa that raises funds to carry out development actions with the aim of helping people build a better future and life for themselves. follow the U-Lab course
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