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"A fairer world is only possible if people and local communities know how to become agents of social transformation"

We are a true agent of change, and we aim for social transformation. We are social innovators, trying to tackle the great challenges of our time, such as poverty, climate change, inequalities and human rights violations. We are pioneers in technology, using new technologies to create networks, foster democratic participation and build communities of change. We are open to change, we try to renew intervention models, involving local communities, listening to their needs and building new solutions together. We are multifaceted players, we act at different levels, from local to global, we can collaborate with other players in civil society, with public institutions, businesses and universities.

But what sets us apart is our ability to innovate, to experiment, to learn from mistakes, and to shape and build a sustainable and just future for all. We are an NGO of the new millennium, we want to be an example of how we can rethink solidarity, participation and social action, to create a more just and more humane society.
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There are several solutions to transform your financial support into concrete actions.
Act now to support us provide a gateway into the social world, connecting people and communities to improve self awareness and support the personal development of people. We also engage in a range of inspirational and high-quality participatory activities, both nationally and internationally.
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Another possibility to support is to buy a T-Shirt in the online shop. If you buy a T-shirt you will have a numerated NFT as proof of authenticity and you will be able to wear this T-Shirt in the future Metaverse. Ingegni reinvent Luxury, making a bridge between futur and real social responsability. Thanks from the bottom of our heart for your support.
If you would like more information on how to support our organization, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to share with you the beautiful things we do and answer all your questions.
(+39) 349 23 22 030
We are based in Genoa, Italy is a volunteer-based association located in Genoa, Italy that raises funds to carry out development actions with the aim of helping people build a better future and life for themselves. follow the U-Lab course
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