We are committed to improving the lives of vulnerable communities around the world, with a particular focus on the personal development of women and children. With the right support and access to new opportunities and choices, we believe that everyone everywhere can actively shape their own destinies and begin to thrive.
Our work is defined by:

RESPECT for the communities we engage with

TRUST that shapes our relationship with our partner organisations

INTEGRITY that drives our commitment to accountability and continuous improvement

COMPASSION that pushes us to create a fairer world


We support organisations and develop projects that address the multiple challenges of poverty and development. We provide support across four key areas.

In order for people to thrive, their basic needs must be met first – including good health, a quality education and access to nutritious food and clean water and sanitation.
We’ve seen how a dose of antibiotics, a pair of glasses, a morning snack or a remedial education programme can be lifesaving or life changing. Providing access to these necessities is our primary focus.

Gender inequality is the result of a historic power imbalance, which is reinforced and replicated by prejudice and legal barriers. We’re dismantling gender inequality by providing women across the world with the necessary skills, resources and agency to access the opportunities they deserve.

To eradicate extreme poverty, we need to provide new opportunities for making a living that are economically, ecologically and socially sustainable.
We fund approaches that are proven to help those living in extreme poverty gain relevant skills and resources, achieve financial security and improve their quality of life.

Effective and timely emergency aid can save lives, relieve suffering and protect livelihoods.
Our emergency response funding supports the people in greatest need. As well as ensuring immediate basic needs are met, we’re committed to restoring dignity and reducing vulnerability over the longer term.
The IngegnI company produces clothing dedicated to those who use social media and want to convey an authentic and quality image of themselves.

IngegnI is very proud to be a socially responsible company, certified as B-Corp., as we believe that every company should actively contribute to solving global problems.

We advocate a vision of sustainable businesses that inspire people and partners to deliver lasting financial performance, with equitable impact and societal value that builds trust among all stakeholders. We strongly believe in the importance of human connections and in using collective intelligence to guide our decisions.

Our guiding values are dynamic ethics, active resilience, tangible empathy, human dignity, a culture of learning and respect for planetary boundaries. We are convinced that the social impact is as important as the economic one, which is why IngegnI actively supports ingegni.org which aims to make a difference on a global level.

If you are interested in learning more about us and our values, please do not hesitate to contact ingegni from the IngegnI site. We are happy to share our passion and our mission with anyone who wants to know them."
Ingegni.org is a volunteer-based association located in Genoa that raises funds to carry out development actions with the aim of helping people build a better future and life for themselves.
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