The Team
Regardless of the differences, teamwork can be summed up in these short words: "We believe in each other."
  • Sara Cali
    Creator and Consultant
    Sara is a highly qualified professional in the design and implementation of high-impact social projects, both in Europe and in developing countries.

    She is a coach, psychologist and has great communication skills.

    As a founding member of, together with Guillaume, she is passionately dedicated to the operational management of the organization.

    Sara takes care of evaluating the proposed projects and guiding their development in the field, carefully monitoring each stage of the process and ensuring maximum transparency in reporting the results.

    Focused on empowering people, she is convinced that every project should have a positive impact on people's lives, helping them to become autonomous and capable of fulfilling their destiny.
  • Guillaume Bogaert
    President - Strategist and Visionary
    Guillaume founded Ingegni with the aim of bringing out the contradictions of our society, where often what appears is considered more important than what really matters.

    Furthermore, he is the creator together with Sara and founding partner of, a project that aims to balance the excessive emphasis on the virtual of Ingegni with concrete acts of support for those in need.

    In particular, in, Guillaume takes care of the more structural part of the project, defining the organization, animating the ThinkTank and identifying the qualitative reporting KPIs.

    Furthermore, he coined the concept of "social flexwashing", which represents a positive and responsible attitude of those who, aware of their social contradictions, choose to support concrete and immediate actions in favor of who needs it most.
Do you also want to give an active contribution to Are you a trainer, coach, doctor, engineer or controller? Do you want to dedicate your time to help those who need us most, in Europe and in developing countries?

Great we are looking for you! Write us by sending your CV and motivation letter.
We promise we will answer you, because give a voice to people is part of our DNA! is a volunteer-based association located in Genoa that raises funds to carry out development actions with the aim of helping people build a better future and life for themselves. follow the U-Lab course
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