2022 - 2025

The aim of the association is to contribute to alleviating the economic and social gap of the most disadvantaged communities by offering support to basic social and health services, primary education with particular reference to women and children, as well as income-generating activities.

Caij Cripam association
We are carrying out a project together with the local non-profit association "Caij Cripam"
The project aims to reflect with the members of the team working in the Cripam orphanage, and with the educators of the Caij educational project for adolescents and children, on the role and objectives of social works: to be an example of adults who inspire the new generations .

It's a common dilemma: A nonprofit launches what it believes will be a high-impact intervention to improve lives, only to find that people don't always act as intended. How can we support a real cultural change without upsetting people's traditions and habits, making them more aware and autonomous? The aim of is to support the association to ensure the permanence of the works done (school, dispensary...) even after the end of the association's activities.
It is a common conundrum: a non-profit rolls out what it believes will be an impactful intervention to improve lives. begin a three years project with the association to identify, train, support and coach the local members that work in the structure to become autonomous financially and in the management of the structure with the ambition to have a self financed structure that develop his activity autonomously without the need of the support of the association.
  • 100%
    Money raised / Money spent for the project
    2500 €
  • 76%
    Number of people involved 
  • 25%
    Progress of the full project
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